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PBC News & Comment: Brief Recap of America’s Police State in 2016

Suspects killed by police in Baltimore, Chicago; FBI stings entrap DC transit cop, mentally disabled Arizona boy; Shrimp Boy gets life…..--Chicago police release video from incident that left fleeing suspect dead, shot in the back by police

--Baltimore woman who confronted police raid with shotgun and was killed was victim of lead poisoning , according to pending lawsuit against landlords

--yesterday, we covered the FBI entrapment of DC transit cop Nick Young and 18-year-old Arizona mentally disabled boy, Mahin Kahn

--using expansive, unconstitutional anti-terrorism tools, $1 million FBI sting of “Shrimp Boy” results in sentencing for 2 life terms + 20 years

--indictment of new alleged IS recruiter in North Carolina reveals that shooter provocative “Draw Mohammed” event was egged on by his FBI informant, reports Trevor Aaronson

--new poll shows two-thirds of black and Latino youths say that they or people they know have experienced violence or harassment by police

--at Newsbud, Todd MacFarlane offers strong criticism of our courts, calls for transparency

--Trump’s poll numbers are in freefall, but can shift quickly in this volatile race

--NY Times editorial warns about writing off Trump

--former CIA exec Michael Morell says, “trust me….(Clinton) would make a great commander in chief, and links Trump to Putin

--reacting to claims that Russia hacked DNC emails, NSA expert James Bamford reveals how the US meddled in Mexico’s elections, amid other aggressive cyber warfare

--State Dept. whistleblower Peter van Buren notes how Dems and others are all calling Putin a “thug”

--responding to Trump comments about a rigged election, NY Times story debunks voter fraud without any mention of election fraud