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PBC News & Comment: Brief Recap of America’s Police State in 2016

Suspects killed by police in Baltimore, Chicago; FBI stings entrap DC transit cop, mentally disabled Arizona boy; Shrimp Boy gets life…..–Chicago police release video from incident that left fleeing suspect dead, shot in the back by police

–Baltimore woman who confronted police raid with shotgun and was killed was victim of lead poisoning , according to pending lawsuit against landlords

–yesterday, we covered the FBI entrapment of DC transit cop Nick Young and 18-year-old Arizona mentally disabled boy, Mahin Kahn

–using expansive, unconstitutional anti-terrorism tools, $1 million FBI sting of “Shrimp Boy” results in sentencing for 2 life terms + 20 years

–indictment of new alleged IS recruiter in North Carolina reveals that shooter provocative “Draw Mohammed” event was egged on by his FBI informant, reports Trevor Aaronson

–new poll shows two-thirds of black and Latino youths say that they or people they know have experienced violence or harassment by police

–at Newsbud, Todd MacFarlane offers strong criticism of our courts, calls for transparency

–Trump’s poll numbers are in freefall, but can shift quickly in this volatile race

NY Times editorial warns about writing off Trump

–former CIA exec Michael Morell says, “trust me….(Clinton) would make a great commander in chief, and links Trump to Putin

–reacting to claims that Russia hacked DNC emails, NSA expert James Bamford reveals how the US meddled in Mexico’s elections, amid other aggressive cyber warfare

–State Dept. whistleblower Peter van Buren notes how Dems and others are all calling Putin a “thug”

–responding to Trump comments about a rigged election, NY Times story debunks voter fraud without any mention of election fraud