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PBC News & Comment: White House Finally Releases Rulebook for Drone Attacks

As end of term nears, Obama White House finally releases its “playbook” for lethal drone strikes, guidelines for remote control assassination…..--many important issues remain vague, read The Intercept’s report here

--Obama quietly signed “Dark Act” that blocks GMO labeling requirements

--in Quetta, Pakistan, suicide bomber kills more than 50, including lawyers at a hospital protesting a recent killing

--under new strongman Duterte, 400 Filipinos have been killed and 4,400 arrested in crackdown on drugs

--Iranian nuclear scientist who US claims gave “useful information” is executed in Iran

--Turkish news agency Anadolu covers Newsbud’s protest at NBC last week

--in NY Times op-ed, documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney asks, “can we trust Julian Assange?”

--in epic review of American journalism, John Oliver filets corporate media in 15 minutes in this must-watch video

--in rare exchange with reporters, Clinton tries to explain her lies about email, and makes them worse

--late entry into Presidential race: former CIA official from Utah, Evan McMullin, announces independent run

--Green Party convention confirms Jill Stein as nominee

--while Trump and others talk about nonexistent voter fraud, Princeton Prof. Andrew Appel demonstrates “how to hack an election in 7 minutes”, in this Politico report

--Trump claims “there is no drought” in California, but over 60 million trees died of thirst in the past year, new study shows

--last week in Miami, American Airlines booted 2 Muslim Americans from a flight after they complained about being stuck on runway for 5 hours with little water

--Fred Tomlinson, who led Monty Python's singers, died in July at age 88