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PBC News & Comment: FBI Used Spy Planes Over Baltimore

ACLU gets evidence of FBI aerial surveillance of Baltimore during Freddy Gray protests; did FBI planes also deploy Stingray surveillance?....--copy of FBI document for “consensual surveillance” included in report at

--Justice Dept. announces new rules requiring police departments to report all officer-involved deaths

--at VICE, Jason Leopold reports on letters between FBI and State Dept. that show investigation examined possible security breaches to her mail server

--in political stunt, parents of Benghazi victims sue Clinton

--Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) announces that she won’t vote for Trump or Clinton

--50 neocons say they won’t support Trump, either

--in Detroit, Trump badly delivers a teleprompter speech about the economy, says middle class will benefit from proposed tax cuts for rich, corporations

--in our latest in-depth interview, former Boston Globe reporter Larry Tye talks about the contradictions of Bobby Kennedy

--Veterans For Peace presents: A JUST AND SUSTAINABLE FUTURE OR EXTINCTION? - Helen Caldicott, Oliver Stone, Andrew Bacevich, Roy Scranton and Rhodessa Jones 7pm Pauley Ballroom details here

--Bernie Sanders denounces Brazil’s impeachment of Rousseff and demands new elections, as Glenn Greenwald reports

--waste recycling systems are imperiled by collapse of market

--in report on latest “domestic terrorism” bust in Michigan, “undercover agent” shows up in the second sentence

--criminal trial is underway for Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane

--in novel approach to international law, US appeals court sides with Chevron, says Ecuador can’t collect $9 billion judgment