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PBC News & Comment: Hints About Murder From Trump and Assange

Trump makes alarming innuendo about “second amendment people” as Julian Assange hints DNC staffer Seth Rich may have been murdered…..–Trump’s comments echo former Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle’s “second amendment remedies” comment in 2010

–WikiLeaks offers $20,000 reward for info on death of DNC staffer Seth Rich

–newly released Clinton emails show coordination of donor maintenance by Doug Band at Clinton Foundation and Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills at State Dept.

–these new emails were deleted when Clinton turned over “work-related emails” from her server

–Obama administration delays release of Clinton’s emails about TPP until after the election

–in my latest Newsbud interview, James Bamford talks about DNC hacks and leaks, and the US lead in offensive cyberwarfare

–longshot independent presidential candidate Andy Basiago is a time traveler who says he is pre-identified as a future president

–federal investigation of Baltimore police shows deep bias against blacks

–40 documentary filmmakers call for end to arrests and harassment of citizens who shoot video of police actions

–Daniel Ellsberg speaks up for Chelsea Manning, slams attempts to punish her for attempting suicide

–following friendly photo op in St. Petersburg, Putin and Erdogan both face domestic attacks, in Crimea and southeast Turkey

–Russian mercenaries on the ground in Syria have sustained 500-600 deaths

–in Libya, militias report they have retaken Sirte from Islamic State

–UC Davis chancellor Linda Katehi finally resigns; it started with pepper spray

–P G & E utility found guilty on 6 felony counts for big pipeline blast, but federal prosecutors won’t explain why they reduced the fine by 98%

–embattled California condors are threatened by pesticides, read this report by former PBC producer Joshua Emerson Smith