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PBC News & Comment: Do We Really Need to Fight About Bathroom Access?

13 states sue over Obama’s “unconstitutional” transgender bathroom policy and Women’s Liberation Front calls it “outrageous assault on women’s privacy”…–Clinton and Kaine release 2015 tax returns, pressuring Trump to show his

–Clinton outlines her not-that-progressive economic plan, and talks about the rich as if she’s not a one-per-center

NY Times notes that neither Clinton nor Trump talks about poverty

–due to intentional obstruction by GOP, Obama scrambles to find funding for Zika vaccine

–Inspector General confirms the often subhuman conditions in corporate-operated prisons, especially immigration jails

–yesterday, we raised eyebrows about the optimistic report on Islamic State forces by the Pentagon…members of both parties are challenging it

–tensions build between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea

–Ukrainian hackers leak data on Ukranian and international journalists, and they’ve been trying to break in at

–Germany proposes new measures to address terrorism, shedding post-WWII civil liberties

–FBI provides info for Canadian mounties, leading to death of suspect they say had pledged allegiance to IS