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PBC News & Comment: Obama Makes Minor Change to Permit More Cannabis Research

Anticipating full re-scheduling of marijuana under Drug Enforcement Act, this feeble move to end war on some weeds is disappointing…..–ignoring almost all advice, Trump defiantly continues to peddle outrage, now says Obama was “founder” of IS

VICE offers a more neutral account of the rise of IS

–Pentagon claims that IS forces have dwindled to 15,000 or so

–former CIA official Mike Morell is auditioning for top CIA job, makes reckless and hawkish comments in Charlie Rose interview

–law professor Jonathan Turley calls Clinton Foundation coordination with State Dept. “pay to play” scheme”

NY Times report on DNC hack by Russians buries a mention of suspicious death of DNC staffer Seth Rich

–Ecuador and Sweden have agreed to permit Swedish investigators to question Julian Assange at London embassy

–at “Fox News”, harassment investigation widens to include executives who urged victims to be silent

–Arianna Huffington stepping down from HuffPost to spend more time with her pillow

–in libel case, Glenn Beck is ordered to reveal sources he said fingered Saudi student for Boston Marathon bombing

–TSA Precheck lets you glide through airport security, if you are willing to share all personal info with FBI database

–Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) uses new Pentagon report to demagogue any effort to close Guantanamo

–in excellent analysis, Marcy Wheeler reviews Obama’s drone policies and asks, “are there any limits, really?”