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PBC News & Comment: Hackers Stole Cyberweapons From NSA

Stunning, embarrassing disclosure rocks NSA, as its hacking tools are offered in auction by “Shadow Brokers”; is cyberwar looming?…–read Snowden’s helpful tweets here

–billionaire George Soros’ files have been hacked, but corporate media coverage is limited

–combing through Soros files, listener Linda Lewis reports that Soros is reducing funding to whistleblower and watchdog groups

–Ari Berman, reporter for The Nation, is our guest in latest in-depth interview, and here’s his latest story about voter suppression in North Carolina

–North Carolina started the bathroom wars over transgender access, and in latest Newsbud interview, we argue with Kara Dansky of Women’s Liberation Front

–civil liberties activists challenge use of Stingray in Baltimore, ask Federal Communications Commission to require licenses for Stingray surveillance

–as Aetna tries to extort merger approval by threatening to abandon Obamacare, new poll shows more than half of Americans want single payer

–FBI gives Congress documents from Clinton email investigation

–Clinton’s choice of Ken Salazar to head transition infuriates progressives who oppose TPP, fracking, climate change denial

–Trump reshuffles campaign team, with Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon leading the effort to make America hate again

–Chris Christie saved Trump $25 million by reducing New Jersey taxes owed by Atlantic City casinos

–Apple’s Tim Cook says US corporate tax rates are “unfair”, has $181 billion stashed offshore

–Peter Thiel tries to hijack bill pending in Congress to ban revenge porn and call it the “Gawker bill” as Univision buys Gawker in bankruptcy

–NBC continues rehabilitation of Brian Williams, who will anchor news report on MSNBC