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PBC News & Comment: Hackers Stole Cyberweapons From NSA

Stunning, embarrassing disclosure rocks NSA, as its hacking tools are offered in auction by “Shadow Brokers”; is cyberwar looming?...--read Snowden’s helpful tweets here

--billionaire George Soros’ files have been hacked, but corporate media coverage is limited

--combing through Soros files, listener Linda Lewis reports that Soros is reducing funding to whistleblower and watchdog groups

--Ari Berman, reporter for The Nation, is our guest in latest in-depth interview, and here’s his latest story about voter suppression in North Carolina

--North Carolina started the bathroom wars over transgender access, and in latest Newsbud interview, we argue with Kara Dansky of Women’s Liberation Front

--civil liberties activists challenge use of Stingray in Baltimore, ask Federal Communications Commission to require licenses for Stingray surveillance

--as Aetna tries to extort merger approval by threatening to abandon Obamacare, new poll shows more than half of Americans want single payer

--FBI gives Congress documents from Clinton email investigation

--Clinton’s choice of Ken Salazar to head transition infuriates progressives who oppose TPP, fracking, climate change denial

--Trump reshuffles campaign team, with Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon leading the effort to make America hate again

--Chris Christie saved Trump $25 million by reducing New Jersey taxes owed by Atlantic City casinos

--Apple’s Tim Cook says US corporate tax rates are “unfair”, has $181 billion stashed offshore

--Peter Thiel tries to hijack bill pending in Congress to ban revenge porn and call it the “Gawker bill” as Univision buys Gawker in bankruptcy

--NBC continues rehabilitation of Brian Williams, who will anchor news report on MSNBC