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PBC News & Comment: Beltway Disconnect: US Will End Use of Corporate-owned Prisons for Americans, But Not Immigrants

Justice Dept. will end contracts with private prisons, as $1 billion sweetheart deal with CCA to imprison immigrants is exposed….–4 days ago, Washington Post exposed CCA’s cushy billion-dollar contract to run immigrant prisons; today, it reports Justice Dept. will end use of private prisons

–did White House advisor help Google wriggle out of antitrust action? Read about it here

–UN finally admits some responsibility for introducing cholera to Haiti via peacekeepers in 2011, vindication for our interview guest, Ralph Frerichs, that podcast is here

CNN gave Green Party candidates an hour last night, and let them speak, here’s a highlight clip

–corporate Democrat Ed Rendell, a big Clinton supporter, says Clinton Foundation should be disbanded if Hillary is elected

–America is embarrassed at Rio Olympics by false claim of swimmers, including gold medalist Ryan Lochte, that they were robbed by men posing as cops

–native Americans protest Dakota Access pipeline that runs close to tribal lands

commentary in The Independent notes that Obama has one last chance to close Gitmo, with the new Congress in January

Some thoughtful reading for thoughtful listeners:

–in NY Times, Linda Greenhouse comments on court rulings that challenge the dishonest intentions of the legislators who write bad laws

–at Consortium News, Robert Parry calls out hypocritical journalists

–Yale law interns offer valid criticism of government watch lists

–new wildfire roars over tinder-dry Southern California