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PBC News & Comment: Abu Zubaydeh Finally Gets Hearing at Gitmo!

After 14 years without charge or trial, America’s most tortured prisoner Abu Zubaydeh makes the case for release from Guantanamo….--while US admits he wasn’t a big shot in al Qaeda as previously claimed, prosecutors vaguely maintain he is still a threat

--in our latest in-depth interview, NSA veterans Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe agree with James Bamford that hack of NSA was likely a “2nd Snowden”, not Russia

--Obama visits flood zones in Baton Rouge, after criticism

--in strong editorial, NY Times backs Obama on Iran hostage release, says the payment of $400 million was not ransom

--after only a week, Iran boots Russian planes from its Hamadan base

--in a Valentine from Istanbul, NY Times offers happy chatter about Erdogan’s purge following July 15 coup attempt

--in bizarre editorial, San Francisco Chronicle urges Hillary Clinton to flip again, and support TPP

--newly released Clinton emails show that Huma Abedin was worried about requests for favors from Clinton Foundation

--if you’re dreaming of—or just hoping for—Trump to lose in a landslide, don’t bet on it yet

--in latest lawsuit against Fox News, Andrea Tantaros reveals “sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult”

--attempting to snuff out reports of Melania Trump’s history, lawyers threaten media outlets over allegations she was a high priced call girl before, or when, she met Trump

--Facebook categorizes the politics of its users, they know PBC is “very liberal” check your tag here