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PBC News & Comment: Abu Zubaydeh Finally Gets Hearing at Gitmo!

After 14 years without charge or trial, America’s most tortured prisoner Abu Zubaydeh makes the case for release from Guantanamo….–while US admits he wasn’t a big shot in al Qaeda as previously claimed, prosecutors vaguely maintain he is still a threat

–in our latest in-depth interview, NSA veterans Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe agree with James Bamford that hack of NSA was likely a “2nd Snowden”, not Russia

–Obama visits flood zones in Baton Rouge, after criticism

–in strong editorial, NY Times backs Obama on Iran hostage release, says the payment of $400 million was not ransom

–after only a week, Iran boots Russian planes from its Hamadan base

–in a Valentine from Istanbul, NY Times offers happy chatter about Erdogan’s purge following July 15 coup attempt

–in bizarre editorial, San Francisco Chronicle urges Hillary Clinton to flip again, and support TPP

–newly released Clinton emails show that Huma Abedin was worried about requests for favors from Clinton Foundation

–if you’re dreaming of—or just hoping for—Trump to lose in a landslide, don’t bet on it yet

–in latest lawsuit against Fox News, Andrea Tantaros reveals “sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult”

–attempting to snuff out reports of Melania Trump’s history, lawyers threaten media outlets over allegations she was a high priced call girl before, or when, she met Trump

–Facebook categorizes the politics of its users, they know PBC is “very liberal” check your tag here