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PBC News & Comment: Obama Earns Scorn on Vacation

Katrina déjà vu—golfing Obama appears tone deaf to victims of Lousiana flood, as critics replay his slams of Bush…..–listener Linda Lewis, expert on disaster response, brought this to my attention in a series of Facebook posts

–federal judge in Texas blocks Obama’s transgender bathroom rules, see Newsbud interview with Kara Dansky

–PBC bows out of Newsbud

–strong NY Times editorial hammers UN for failing to control peacekeepers who brought cholera to Haiti and sex crimes to Central African Republic

–Sunday NY Times front pager exposes the blatant conflicts of interest created by the Clinton Foundation, as new info surfaces about donor access to State Dept

–court orders release of 15,000 Clinton emails—that were not personal, as claimed—will be released just before election day

–listener Mark Lewis (no relation to Linda) digs up article that describes Trump’s use of “apophasis” to deliver attack lines

–a kinder, gentler version of Trump now says his racist immigration policies will be “firm, but fair”

NY Times spills more ink on Trump’s finances—he’s loaded with debt, more than he has disclosed

Military Times confirms that US has 9,000 troops in Afghanistan, and 29,000 contractors

–former Navy Seal who wrote unauthorized book on bin Laden raid forfeits $6.8 million in proceeds

–war in Syria leads to crowded skies, as US scrambles jets to protect “trainers” and proxy forces from attacks by Syrian planes

–in Phillippines, new strongman President Dutarte defends the wave of killings of alleged drug dealers by criticizing killing of innocents in Syria