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PBC News & Comment: Details Show Clinton Donors Got Access at State Dept.

Associated Press and David Sirota expose more conflicts of interest between Clinton Foundation and State Dept., donors got access…..Read Sirota’s report here, AP article is here

–Bernie Sanders will launch “Our Revolution” tonight, after half of staff quit over funding plans and Jeff Weaver

–Trump now says he supports Obama’s deportation policies, as he tries to soften his hardline positions

–WikiLeaks draws fair criticism for releasing info that could harm innocent individuals

–federal judge in Boston orders FBI to disclose info on Joint Terrorism Task Force

–records show FBI allows its undercover informants to break the law as they frame suspects for “domestic terrorism”

–federal appeals court in Denver says cops can’t pull you over just because your license plate shows your are from a state with legal weed

–Treasury Department defends US corporate tax cheats from action in Europe

–before huddling with Joe Biden, Erdogan launches Turk offensive in Syria and along the border, with US air support; Biden throws Kurds under the bus

–Pentagon issues formal threat to shoot down Russian, Syrian planes

–at American University in Kabul, hundreds of students are trapped in attack

–California congressman Ted Lieu, a veteran, is a lonely voice who is urging US to stop supporting Saudi bombing in Yemen

–new study says 76 of 77 experts don’t believe the US government is using “Chemtrails” to modify the weather, reports Treehugger