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PBC News & Comment: Alt-Right is Latest Campaign Distraction

To shift focus away from Clinton Foundation scandal, Hillary unloads on Trump and new advisor Steve Bannon’s online Breitbart operation….--corporate media gives a pass to GOP establishment for its role in nurturing the Alt Right, and using it when there’s an advantage

--Bannon is registered to vote at vacant Florida home, has history of domestic violence

--fiery Democrat Alan Grayson, smeared in his Florida Senate primary and abandoned by Dems, calmly explains charges of domestic violence

--MSM operates like the “liberal media” right wingers attack, as it rationalizes and downplays the corruption of Clinton Foundation

--Army trainers at Ft. Leonard included Hillary Clinton on a list of “insider threats” to intelligence security, based on her email server imbroglio

--price-gouging drug company CEO Heather Bresch used papa Joe Manchin’s influence to claim an MBA that she hadn’t earned

--Baltimore Sun provides more details of the constant aerial surveillance in Baltimore, funded by a secretive Texas donor through a nonprofit

--Israeli firm identified as source of sophisticated hack tools used on iPhones

--with Olympics over, Brazil turns to a corrupt impeachment process to remove Dilma Rousseff

--US makes another bad bet on Turkey’s promises in Syria, offering no challenge to Erdogan’s power grab and trading the Kurds for uncertain gains

--contradictory op-ed raises issues about US-Turkey alliance

--Gonzo journalist Warren Hinckle, a San Francisco stalwart, dies at age 77