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PBC News & Comment: Alt-Right is Latest Campaign Distraction

To shift focus away from Clinton Foundation scandal, Hillary unloads on Trump and new advisor Steve Bannon’s online Breitbart operation….–corporate media gives a pass to GOP establishment for its role in nurturing the Alt Right, and using it when there’s an advantage

–Bannon is registered to vote at vacant Florida home, has history of domestic violence

–fiery Democrat Alan Grayson, smeared in his Florida Senate primary and abandoned by Dems, calmly explains charges of domestic violence

–MSM operates like the “liberal media” right wingers attack, as it rationalizes and downplays the corruption of Clinton Foundation

–Army trainers at Ft. Leonard included Hillary Clinton on a list of “insider threats” to intelligence security, based on her email server imbroglio

–price-gouging drug company CEO Heather Bresch used papa Joe Manchin’s influence to claim an MBA that she hadn’t earned

Baltimore Sun provides more details of the constant aerial surveillance in Baltimore, funded by a secretive Texas donor through a nonprofit

–Israeli firm identified as source of sophisticated hack tools used on iPhones

–with Olympics over, Brazil turns to a corrupt impeachment process to remove Dilma Rousseff

–US makes another bad bet on Turkey’s promises in Syria, offering no challenge to Erdogan’s power grab and trading the Kurds for uncertain gains

–contradictory op-ed raises issues about US-Turkey alliance

–Gonzo journalist Warren Hinckle, a San Francisco stalwart, dies at age 77