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PBC News & Comment: Standing Up for the Quarterback Who Sits During National Anthem

San Francisco’s underperforming quarterback gets slammed for exercising his right to sit down during national anthem ritual, I’m with Kapernick…..--at The Intercept, Jon Schwarz points out the dark side of the Star Spangled Banner

--in new in-depth interview, Pulitzer prize winning reporter David Cay Johnston talks about his new book, The Making of Donald Trump, and how Trump tries to intimidate reporters, including Johnston

--Pentagon echoes Rodney King, Pentagon spokesman begs Turkey, Kurds and US-backed militias in Syria to get along

--US confirms that Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi was imprisoned by US occupiers at Abu Ghraib, at the peak of the torture later exposed

--Twitter junkie Anthony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin separate, after revelation of 2015 tweeted photo with their son surfaces

--your humble host offers first, and hopefully last, comments about the Burkini ban in France and here’s one extreme view

--corporate media finally addressing the serious flaws in Obamacare….and Robert Reich points out that single payer is the solution

--into its final week of session, California legislature pumps out bills….some good ones, some bad ones

--the worst is a modified version of the BDS blacklist bill, which is still selective attack on First Amendment rights

--big battle continues over bill to expand overtime pay to farmworkers

--California’s landmark climate change cap & trade law extended to 2030

--Jerry Brown ignores the interests of a rich Oakland business pal, and signs a law that blocks coal shipments to Port of Oakland

--listener John LeFrancois in Sacramento has smart comments about the chemtrails study mentioned here