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PBC News & Comment: EU Slams Apple with $14.5 Billion Tax Bill

Apple’s Irish tax scam is declared illegal, company ordered to pay billions but pledges to fight, as TTIP appears dead….--Apple’s tax avoidance scheme was tagged “Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich”

--proposed European trade deal, TTIP, appears dead; Mitch McConnell says TPP will not get a vote this year

--Homeland Security says it will reconsider use of corporate prisons, but critics doubt much will change

--California sends mixed signals on private prisons, maintaining deals for about 11,000 inmates while banning their use for immigrants

--major news blitz profiles Jesse Morton, former al Qaeda recruiter and FBI informant now employed at George Washington University

--IS reports death in Aleppo of top Daesh leader and spokesman al-Adnani

--carnage continues in Yemen, as car bomb kills 54 army recruits in Aden

--off Libya, thousands of migrants are rescued from leaky boats, as IS continues to fight

--illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land are quietly being legalized

--NY Times pens weak editorial about Clinton Foundation

--civil rights activists urge Attorney General Lynch to withhold funds to police departments that fail to report deaths by officers

--FBI’s porn sting raises more questions about entrapment, and Tor

--Shadow Brokers leak shows NSA values surveillance over security, reports Reason magazine

--in California, a bill intended to prevent secret videos like the Planned Parenthood attacks gets scrutiny over unintended consequences

--California Assembly overcomes pressure from Agribiz, passes new overtime rules for farmworkers