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PBC News & Comment: EU Slams Apple with $14.5 Billion Tax Bill

Apple’s Irish tax scam is declared illegal, company ordered to pay billions but pledges to fight, as TTIP appears dead….–Apple’s tax avoidance scheme was tagged “Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich”

–proposed European trade deal, TTIP, appears dead; Mitch McConnell says TPP will not get a vote this year

–Homeland Security says it will reconsider use of corporate prisons, but critics doubt much will change

–California sends mixed signals on private prisons, maintaining deals for about 11,000 inmates while banning their use for immigrants

–major news blitz profiles Jesse Morton, former al Qaeda recruiter and FBI informant now employed at George Washington University

–IS reports death in Aleppo of top Daesh leader and spokesman al-Adnani

–carnage continues in Yemen, as car bomb kills 54 army recruits in Aden

–off Libya, thousands of migrants are rescued from leaky boats, as IS continues to fight

–illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land are quietly being legalized

NY Times pens weak editorial about Clinton Foundation

–civil rights activists urge Attorney General Lynch to withhold funds to police departments that fail to report deaths by officers

–FBI’s porn sting raises more questions about entrapment, and Tor

–Shadow Brokers leak shows NSA values surveillance over security, reports Reason magazine

–in California, a bill intended to prevent secret videos like the Planned Parenthood attacks gets scrutiny over unintended consequences

–California Assembly overcomes pressure from Agribiz, passes new overtime rules for farmworkers