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PBC News & Comment: Trump Shows His Ignorance in Mexico

In last-minute trip to meet with Mexican president, Trump underscores his own ignorance about America’s immigration issues, displays his racism…..–as expected, Brazil’s Senate seals the removal of President Dilma Rousseff in 61-20 vote

The Guardian runs a good recap of Hillary Clinton’s role in support of 2009 coup in Honduras

–freelance reporter Peter Byrne exposes Teneo Holdings for its close ties to the Clinton Foundation, and where Huma Abedin was on the payroll

–hypocrisy abounds, as lawmakers and business leaders defend Apple’s tax scams from Euro enforcers

–in North Carolina, GOP vote suppressors are relentless, even after federal court struck down previous efforts, using local election boards to limit participation

–in Florida and Arizona primaries, incumbents and establishment candidates win

–federal appeals court in New York overturns $650 million verdict against Palestinian Authority

–in his latest report, Gareth Porter exposes US support for sectarian war in Syria

The Intercept reports on the new conflict in Syria triggered by new US-Turkey deal