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PBC News & Comment: Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Trump

--Trump’s son-in-law set up the Mexico City photo op, and Steve Bannon wrote the fiery, fear-fueled speech Trump delivered in Phoenix--his actual policy proposals are thin, but extreme, costly and brutal

--NY Times editorial slams Trump’s “relentless lies” about immigrants and his pandering to the lowest nativist emotions

--in speech to American Legion, Trump says he will promote “pride and patriotism” in schools if he is elected

--new poll shows near-majority support to include Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in debates

--Obama brought $30 million in new money to preserve the Tahoe basin, then gave climate speech in Hawaii

--Georgetown University issues formal apology for owning slaves 200 years ago, will give admission preference to descendants of slaves

--federal judge uses technicality to deny Hepatitis C treatment to Mumia Abu Jamal, even as he rules that prison health care doesn’t meet constitutional standards

--former Sen. Bob Graham tells Whowhatwhy that coverup of Saudi/911 connection continues

--Apple CEO Tim Cook says he plans to repatriate billions in offshore profits next year

--Romanian hacker “Guccifer” is sentenced to 4 years in prison

--Sen. Harry Reid asks FBI to investigate claims of Russian hacking of political targets in US

--in book-length report riddled with anonymous sources, NY Times paints WikiLeaks as tool of Russia

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reviews the Times report, and calls it “yellow journalism”