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PBC News & Comment: Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Trump

–Trump’s son-in-law set up the Mexico City photo op, and Steve Bannon wrote the fiery, fear-fueled speech Trump delivered in Phoenix–his actual policy proposals are thin, but extreme, costly and brutal

NY Times editorial slams Trump’s “relentless lies” about immigrants and his pandering to the lowest nativist emotions

–in speech to American Legion, Trump says he will promote “pride and patriotism” in schools if he is elected

–new poll shows near-majority support to include Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in debates

–Obama brought $30 million in new money to preserve the Tahoe basin, then gave climate speech in Hawaii

–Georgetown University issues formal apology for owning slaves 200 years ago, will give admission preference to descendants of slaves

–federal judge uses technicality to deny Hepatitis C treatment to Mumia Abu Jamal, even as he rules that prison health care doesn’t meet constitutional standards

–former Sen. Bob Graham tells Whowhatwhy that coverup of Saudi/911 connection continues

–Apple CEO Tim Cook says he plans to repatriate billions in offshore profits next year

–Romanian hacker “Guccifer” is sentenced to 4 years in prison

–Sen. Harry Reid asks FBI to investigate claims of Russian hacking of political targets in US

–in book-length report riddled with anonymous sources, NY Times paints WikiLeaks as tool of Russia

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reviews the Times report, and calls it “yellow journalism”