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PBC News & Comment: FBI Reveals More on Clinton Email Investigation

In Friday’s pre-Labor Day document dump, FBI reports HRC “couldn’t recall” dozens of times, and was unconcerned about classified emails….–at Vice, Jason Leopold—whose lawsuits forced disclosure of the emails—covers the latest information

–article in Current Affairs raises important questions about the programs of the Clinton Foundation

–posting that article on Facebook led to your humble host being labeled an unconscious sexist by Clinton loyalists, read it here

–in almost-press-conference, the candidate declares that “It’s been debunked”, takes credit for jobs in “conspiracy theory machine factory”

–Glenn Greenwald calls out Paul Krugman and other Clinton supporters in the media for denial of the appearance of corruption

–and speaking of “conspiracy theories”, right wing World Net Daily runs article that describes “controlled demolition” theories of World Trade Center buildings

–major 9/11 events in NYC this weekend, get details here

–at Asia summit, US and China renew vows on climate change, and Obama gets rude treatment on arrival; new Phillipines strongman Duterte apologizes for insult

–impeachment protests in Sao Paolo confronted by tear gas and water cannons

–here’s a link to our new YouTube channel—subscribe today!

Roger & Carol Shuler need help, Don Siegelman needs your support on petition for pardon or commutation

–5.6 earthquake rattles Oklahoma, strongest yet, caused by fracking

–Fox pays former anchor Gretchen Carlson $20 over sexual harassment, as Greta van Susteren abruptly departs

–Hugh O’Brian, TV actor who played Wyatt Earp, dies at 91

–notorious anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly, who PBC interviewed many times about the Equal Rights Amendment, dies at 92; Jessica Valenti has a fair appraisal