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PBC News & Comment: FBI Reveals More on Clinton Email Investigation

In Friday’s pre-Labor Day document dump, FBI reports HRC “couldn’t recall” dozens of times, and was unconcerned about classified emails….--at Vice, Jason Leopold—whose lawsuits forced disclosure of the emails—covers the latest information

--article in Current Affairs raises important questions about the programs of the Clinton Foundation

--posting that article on Facebook led to your humble host being labeled an unconscious sexist by Clinton loyalists, read it here

--in almost-press-conference, the candidate declares that “It’s been debunked”, takes credit for jobs in “conspiracy theory machine factory”

--Glenn Greenwald calls out Paul Krugman and other Clinton supporters in the media for denial of the appearance of corruption

--and speaking of “conspiracy theories”, right wing World Net Daily runs article that describes “controlled demolition” theories of World Trade Center buildings

--major 9/11 events in NYC this weekend, get details here

--at Asia summit, US and China renew vows on climate change, and Obama gets rude treatment on arrival; new Phillipines strongman Duterte apologizes for insult

--impeachment protests in Sao Paolo confronted by tear gas and water cannons

--here’s a link to our new YouTube channel—subscribe today!

Roger & Carol Shuler need help, Don Siegelman needs your support on petition for pardon or commutation

--5.6 earthquake rattles Oklahoma, strongest yet, caused by fracking

--Fox pays former anchor Gretchen Carlson $20 over sexual harassment, as Greta van Susteren abruptly departs

--Hugh O’Brian, TV actor who played Wyatt Earp, dies at 91

--notorious anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly, who PBC interviewed many times about the Equal Rights Amendment, dies at 92; Jessica Valenti has a fair appraisal