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PBC News & Comment: Standing With the Standing Rock Sioux!

Over Labor Day weekend, Native Americans protesting Dakota Access Pipeline tangled with security goons using attack dogs and pepper spray….–musicians Jackson Browne, plus Charlie Pierce and Leland Potter of Choctaw Wildfire raise their voices for the Lakota, with links to the Austin music scene; Jackson Browne’s statement is here

–DeSmogBlog has good coverage

–federal judge in California blocks fracking on 1 million acres

–President Obama almost apologized to Laos yesterday for massive bombing during Vietnam war

–Syrian opposition groups announce transition plan for Syria, with help from UK’s new foreign minister, Boris Johnson

–major antiwar conference set for Washington in September, and US is blocking attendance by Britain’s former ambassador to Uzbekistan; details here

–our new in-depth interview with author Brad Schreiber reveals the full story of the 1970’s SLA and kidnap of Patty Hearst

–this PBC podcast is available on YouTube!

–leftwing rag Fortune reveals that Goldman Sachs has ordered its partners not to donate to Trump, but they can give to Clinton

–House Dem leader Pelosi is asking Speaker Ryan to pledge not to use hacked info in campaigns, continuing to blame Russia for hacks, with no new evidence

–Clinton and Trump will be on MSDNC for “commander in chief forum”, back-to-back interviews focused on veterans and war policy

–Trump is on defensive for his donation to Florida attorney general, who dropped suit against Trump U; Clinton’s response on “pay to play” is a bit awkward

–latest national polls show race is tied, state polls still show advantage for HRC

–Beltway organ The Hill runs article by Trump dirty trickster Roger Stone, who uses Dem primary anomalies to argue the election can be rigged

–in the Senate, the fight continues over Zika funding, as GOP poison pill on Planned Parenthood is downplayed, making Dems look like obstructionists

–Darren Seals, Ferguson protest organizer after Michael Brown death is found shot to death in a burning car near St. Louis