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PBC News & Comment: Do Dems Have Plan B? Will Trump Release Tax Returns?

Former DNC chair, and Clinton supporter Don Fowler says Dems need backup plan; billionaire pressures Trump to release tax returns–NY Times edgy op-ed headlined “The Bitch America Needs” draws criticism
–listening to Sean Hannity on radio, I heard clips of Bill Clinton from 1992 campaign using “make America great again” line
–US household income rose 5.2% in 2015, but still does not match 2007 levels
–Israel gets big increase in US military subsidies to $3.8 billion a year
–Facebook removes 95% of posts requested by Israeli government
–Netanyahu’s bizarre charge of Palestinian “ethnic cleansing” draws jeers
–Glenn Greenwald comments that Clinton supports boycotts of North Carolina, but opposes boycotts of Israel
–Syria claims its air defenses took out an Israeli fighter and drone, but Israel says these are “total lies”
–This podcast is available on YouTube

–independent journalist Gareth Porter explains details of US-Russia deal on Syria
–prisoners in at least 12 states have joined strike, reports Shadowproof 
–CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling describes the segregation he faces as a black prisoner
–as Oliver Stone’s new film hits the screens, Ed Snowden is campaigning for a pardon
–Green Party candidate Jill Stein says pardon Snowden, now!