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PBC News & Comment: UC Berkeley Suspends Class for Alleged Pro-Palestinian Bias

After complaint from pro-Zionist groups, Berkeley chancellor suspends student-led class on Palestine with focus on “settler colonialism”, limiting free speech...--coverage in SF Chronicle is here

--in face of Chelsea Manning’s hunger strike, Army agrees to provide gender reassignment surgery, reports Kevin Gozstola

--Bernie Sanders joins many voices calling for clemency for Ed Snowden, as Oliver Stone’s movie debuts nationwide

--Colin Powell’s email was hacked, and coverage reveals bias of corporate media

--reporter Jason Leopold and Vice News are suing IRS to release Trump’s audited returns

--Leopold also reports that Congress is trying to use funding bill to ensure that Guantanamo stays open

--at Gitmo, Camp 5 is shut down, scene of grizzly force-feeding of hunger strikers

--in eastern Ukraine, Russian-backed separatists announce cease fire, as Russian-backed cease-fire in Syria is mostly holding

--squabble in the cabinet: Pentagon boss Carter resists carrying out Kerry’s deal with the Russians in Syria

--Robert Parry comments on the silly Putin-bashing that’s more popular than Pokemon Go

--new report says internal corruption is a major reason the US failed in Afghanistan

--Bayer wins its takeover of Monsanto, dominating the seed-and-pesticide industries

--liberal booster and funder Stanley Sheinbaum dies at 96