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PBC News & Comment: UC Berkeley Suspends Class for Alleged Pro-Palestinian Bias

After complaint from pro-Zionist groups, Berkeley chancellor suspends student-led class on Palestine with focus on “settler colonialism”, limiting free speech…–coverage in SF Chronicle is here

–in face of Chelsea Manning’s hunger strike, Army agrees to provide gender reassignment surgery, reports Kevin Gozstola

–Bernie Sanders joins many voices calling for clemency for Ed Snowden, as Oliver Stone’s movie debuts nationwide

–Colin Powell’s email was hacked, and coverage reveals bias of corporate media

–reporter Jason Leopold and Vice News are suing IRS to release Trump’s audited returns

–Leopold also reports that Congress is trying to use funding bill to ensure that Guantanamo stays open

–at Gitmo, Camp 5 is shut down, scene of grizzly force-feeding of hunger strikers

–in eastern Ukraine, Russian-backed separatists announce cease fire, as Russian-backed cease-fire in Syria is mostly holding

–squabble in the cabinet: Pentagon boss Carter resists carrying out Kerry’s deal with the Russians in Syria

–Robert Parry comments on the silly Putin-bashing that’s more popular than Pokemon Go

–new report says internal corruption is a major reason the US failed in Afghanistan

–Bayer wins its takeover of Monsanto, dominating the seed-and-pesticide industries

–liberal booster and funder Stanley Sheinbaum dies at 96