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PBC News & Comment: UC Berkeley Reinstates Course that Zionists Protested

After strong criticism for curbing free speech and academic freedom, Berkeley reinstates course on ‘settler colonialism” after Zionist groups protested…–in our latest in-depth interview, former Sen. Bob Graham comments on the release of “28 Pages” about the Saudi role in 9/11

–multiple videos captured last Friday’s police killing of unarmed black man in Tulsa and police chief has opened criminal investigation

–in Senate Banking Committee, Sen. Elizabeth Warren tells Wells Fargo CEO he should resign, be investigated and cough up cash

–Republicans are trying to undermine Warren’s baby, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by pushing the “Choice Act”

–Obama makes final UN address, calls for “course correction”

–ceasefire is over in Syria, as bombs hammer UN aid convoy

–Huffpost Australia reports that an American Jewish man from Florida has been posing online as an Islamic State agitator

–alleged NYC bomber Ahmad Rahami was turned in to FBI by his father 2 years ago

–in The Guardian, Chelsea Manning states her fears of disciplinary board over her attempted suicide

NY Times public editor explores the reasoning behind use of the term “lie” in stories about Trump

–but has the Times called Chris Christie’s false statements about the GWB closure “lies”?