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PBC News & Comment: UC Berkeley Reinstates Course that Zionists Protested

After strong criticism for curbing free speech and academic freedom, Berkeley reinstates course on ‘settler colonialism” after Zionist groups protested…--in our latest in-depth interview, former Sen. Bob Graham comments on the release of "28 Pages" about the Saudi role in 9/11

--multiple videos captured last Friday’s police killing of unarmed black man in Tulsa and police chief has opened criminal investigation

--in Senate Banking Committee, Sen. Elizabeth Warren tells Wells Fargo CEO he should resign, be investigated and cough up cash

--Republicans are trying to undermine Warren’s baby, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by pushing the “Choice Act”

--Obama makes final UN address, calls for “course correction”

--ceasefire is over in Syria, as bombs hammer UN aid convoy

--Huffpost Australia reports that an American Jewish man from Florida has been posing online as an Islamic State agitator

--alleged NYC bomber Ahmad Rahami was turned in to FBI by his father 2 years ago

--in The Guardian, Chelsea Manning states her fears of disciplinary board over her attempted suicide

--NY Times public editor explores the reasoning behind use of the term “lie” in stories about Trump

--but has the Times called Chris Christie’s false statements about the GWB closure “lies”?