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In-Depth Interview: Sen. Bob Graham Talks About “28 Pages” and the Saudi Role in 9/11

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Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL, ret.) former chair of first 9/11 investigation, comments on “28 pages” released in July, and demands a new, real investigation of 9/11 including the role of Saudi Arabia.In 2002, Sen. Graham was chair of Senate Intelligence Committee, and co-chaired a joint investigation into the intelligence failures of 9/11.  He returns to the PBC podcast today to comment on his 13-year struggle to win release of the 28 pages from the report of the joint committee.

First, he comments on the efforts by the Bush and Obama administrations to suppress this document; the motives of Bush were pretty obvious, of Obama, not so clear.

He responds to Richard Clarke’s suspicions that the Saudi role may have been under the direction of the CIA, saying he can’t confirm that, but he is open to investigating all angles.

We go into some details about the actions of Prince Bandar and his wife Haifa, who sent over $70,000 to a conduit who paid the expenses of alleged hijackers in San Diego; we talk about the imam, al-Thumairy, and his hand-off of the alleged Saudi hijackers to al-Bayoumi, who had a no-show job and a long history of connections to the Saudi leadership.

At age 79, Graham hopes the truth about 9/11 will be revealed in his lifetime.