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PBC News & Comment: Court Orders Release of Data on Stingray Use

Jason Leopold lawsuit leads federal judge to order disclosure of data on use of cellphone tracking devices by law enforcement….--coverage in the Washington Post is here

--in 11 cities, local officials want to block unsanctioned surveillance, and return power to local electeds, not police, The Guardian reports

--activist group BORDC/DDF praises Oakland activists for taking on surveillance

--Cambridge student hacks iPhone for $100, FBI paid $1.3 million to do it

--for 3rd time, federal judge rules against FBI in “Playpen” child porn dragnet

--lots of fingerpointing, but no proof of responsibility for brutal attack on UN relief convoy near Aleppo on Monday

--Obama administration’s latest incoherent, risky move in Syria is plan to arm Syrian Kurds, which will piss off the Turks

--criminal charges for Ahmad Rahami say alleged bomber was inspired by bin Laden and al-Awlaki, the men Obama chose to make martyrs for Islam; Scott Shane’s article is here

--Sen. Lindsey Graham wants Rahami treated as enemy combatant, despite lack of any connection to anyone else, much less Islamic extremists

--in Charlotte, protests erupt after police killing, and police chief asserts the dead man had a gun, not a book

--Tulsa keeps calm, as cops claim that unarmed Terence Crutcher was ignoring commands

--conservative opinion writer Ross Douthat says left-leaning TV comics are driving conservatives to political activism