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PBC News & Comment: Court Orders Release of Data on Stingray Use

Jason Leopold lawsuit leads federal judge to order disclosure of data on use of cellphone tracking devices by law enforcement….–coverage in the Washington Post is here

–in 11 cities, local officials want to block unsanctioned surveillance, and return power to local electeds, not police, The Guardian reports

–activist group BORDC/DDF praises Oakland activists for taking on surveillance

–Cambridge student hacks iPhone for $100, FBI paid $1.3 million to do it

–for 3rd time, federal judge rules against FBI in “Playpen” child porn dragnet

–lots of fingerpointing, but no proof of responsibility for brutal attack on UN relief convoy near Aleppo on Monday

–Obama administration’s latest incoherent, risky move in Syria is plan to arm Syrian Kurds, which will piss off the Turks

–criminal charges for Ahmad Rahami say alleged bomber was inspired by bin Laden and al-Awlaki, the men Obama chose to make martyrs for Islam; Scott Shane’s article is here

–Sen. Lindsey Graham wants Rahami treated as enemy combatant, despite lack of any connection to anyone else, much less Islamic extremists

–in Charlotte, protests erupt after police killing, and police chief asserts the dead man had a gun, not a book

–Tulsa keeps calm, as cops claim that unarmed Terence Crutcher was ignoring commands

–conservative opinion writer Ross Douthat says left-leaning TV comics are driving conservatives to political activism