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PBC News & Comment: First Debate Yields Gasps and Guffaws Aplenty

Clinton showed skill and preparation in first debate, Trump sniffled and snarled as Hillary skillfully baited him on many topics….--Trump compounds his errors, blaming bad microphone, bad moderator, and magnifying his sexism by slamming Miss Universe

--Clinton was well-rehearsed, and hit Trump with his own words and history 19 times; he was disciplined at the start, but…

--I wasn’t the only one who noticed Trump was sniffling a lot

--Green Party candidate Jill Stein was escorted off Hoffstra campus

--key witness says he told Gov. Christie about the GWB lane closures, proving what we’ve known all along

--in major setback for free speech, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 2844, which sanctions people who support sanctions on Israel; read Marcy Winograd’s analysis here

--in our latest in-depth interview, independent candidate Preston Picus tells why he is challenging Nancy Pelosi

--more Haitians are being deported, as protections due to the earthquake are lifted; Cubans still have special status

--new FBI stats show murder rate jumped almost 11% last year

--Dutch investigators conclude that MH-17 was shot down by Buk missile and launcher was smuggled into Russia

--dozens protest war at the Pentagon, some arrested for disturbing the peace

--loony radio host Michael Savage had on-air paranoid breakdown yesterday, claiming he was silenced for talking about Clinton’s health

--in Sillycon Valley, Yahoo merger hits rocks over hacking, Twitter is for sale, Facebook overstated video views

--Ed Snowden warns that Google’s new chat service, Allo, “records every message and makes it available to police on request”

--industry analysts report the smart phone boom is over