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PBC News & Comment: First Debate Yields Gasps and Guffaws Aplenty

Clinton showed skill and preparation in first debate, Trump sniffled and snarled as Hillary skillfully baited him on many topics….–Trump compounds his errors, blaming bad microphone, bad moderator, and magnifying his sexism by slamming Miss Universe

–Clinton was well-rehearsed, and hit Trump with his own words and history 19 times; he was disciplined at the start, but…

–I wasn’t the only one who noticed Trump was sniffling a lot

–Green Party candidate Jill Stein was escorted off Hoffstra campus

–key witness says he told Gov. Christie about the GWB lane closures, proving what we’ve known all along

–in major setback for free speech, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 2844, which sanctions people who support sanctions on Israel; read Marcy Winograd’s analysis here

–in our latest in-depth interview, independent candidate Preston Picus tells why he is challenging Nancy Pelosi

–more Haitians are being deported, as protections due to the earthquake are lifted; Cubans still have special status

–new FBI stats show murder rate jumped almost 11% last year

–Dutch investigators conclude that MH-17 was shot down by Buk missile and launcher was smuggled into Russia

–dozens protest war at the Pentagon, some arrested for disturbing the peace

–loony radio host Michael Savage had on-air paranoid breakdown yesterday, claiming he was silenced for talking about Clinton’s health

–in Sillycon Valley, Yahoo merger hits rocks over hacking, Twitter is for sale, Facebook overstated video views

–Ed Snowden warns that Google’s new chat service, Allo, “records every message and makes it available to police on request”

–industry analysts report the smart phone boom is over