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In-Depth Interview: Meet Preston Picus, Challenger to Rep. Nancy Pelosi

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Preston Picus is an independent candidate, challenging Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi for her San Francisco congressional seat.  In a wide-ranging conversation, Picus shows he’s smart and capable.Picus opens by explaining why he’s running, and notes the advantages of a powerful incumbent, who refuses to debate him. We talk about the selective outrage of many Democrats, including Pelosi, who are hammering Wells Fargo for the fake accounts set up by employees.  These same officials were mostly silent about Wall Street crimes from 2008, which led to no indictments or prosecutions.

We talk about Apple’s tax evasion schemes, which also draw no criticism from the Dems who are slamming Wells Fargo.  We talk about restoring the 4th Amendment and limiting surveillance, and Picus gets bonus points for noting that Democrats based their “occupation” of the House this year on a proposed “no fly, no buy” law that would prohibit people on watch lists from buying guns.

Picus also comments on war policy and the lack of interest in peace, and fears that “permanent war” may lead to a military dictatorship.

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