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PBC News & Comment: Intelligence Community to Offer New Award to Whistleblowers!

This is not a Borowitz or Onion gag: Intel Community plans new award for whistleblowers who go through “appropriate channels”….–Steven Aftergood’s post is here

–Earth crosses critical threshold, as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hits 400 parts per million during annual low point

–the veto override of JASTA by both houses of Congress is a head-scratcher, says author Medea Benjamin in our new interview

–14,000 Saudi women sign petition to end male guardianship laws, which are explained in Benjamin’s new book, Kingdom of the Unjust

–Saudi Arabia waters down UN plan to monitor human rights abuses in Yemen

–Lame Duck Mission Creep: US will send 500 more soldiers to Iraq in effort to retake Mosul

–in Libya, Gen. Hifter rejects UN-brokered government, thinks someone just like himself should be next leader

–in Haaretz, Gideon Levy offers honest obituary for Shimon Peres

–cyber security experts say Yahoo was hacked by criminal gang calle Group E, not a “state actor”

Vice News reporter Jason Leopold plays “Let’s Make a Deal” with court on release of Clinton emails

–Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf is back on the Hill, taking hits from both parties in opportunistic pre-election drama

–important new legislation, rape survivors’ Bill of Rights, awaits Obama’s signature, as California lifts 20-year statute of limitations on rape charges

–Congress partially funds responses to Flint’s poisoned water and the Zika outbreak—without the Planned Parenthood poison pill!

–Alabama’s bible-thumping Supreme Court chief, Roy Moore, faces expulsion after blocking same sex marriages

–Will Durst comments on “October Surprises”