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PBC News & Comment: Intelligence Community to Offer New Award to Whistleblowers!

This is not a Borowitz or Onion gag: Intel Community plans new award for whistleblowers who go through “appropriate channels”….--Steven Aftergood’s post is here

--Earth crosses critical threshold, as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hits 400 parts per million during annual low point

--the veto override of JASTA by both houses of Congress is a head-scratcher, says author Medea Benjamin in our new interview

--14,000 Saudi women sign petition to end male guardianship laws, which are explained in Benjamin’s new book, Kingdom of the Unjust

--Saudi Arabia waters down UN plan to monitor human rights abuses in Yemen

--Lame Duck Mission Creep: US will send 500 more soldiers to Iraq in effort to retake Mosul

--in Libya, Gen. Hifter rejects UN-brokered government, thinks someone just like himself should be next leader

--in Haaretz, Gideon Levy offers honest obituary for Shimon Peres

--cyber security experts say Yahoo was hacked by criminal gang calle Group E, not a “state actor”

--Vice News reporter Jason Leopold plays "Let’s Make a Deal” with court on release of Clinton emails

--Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf is back on the Hill, taking hits from both parties in opportunistic pre-election drama

--important new legislation, rape survivors’ Bill of Rights, awaits Obama’s signature, as California lifts 20-year statute of limitations on rape charges

--Congress partially funds responses to Flint’s poisoned water and the Zika outbreak—without the Planned Parenthood poison pill!

--Alabama’s bible-thumping Supreme Court chief, Roy Moore, faces expulsion after blocking same sex marriages

--Will Durst comments on “October Surprises”