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PBC News & Comment: FBI and DHS Bosses Grilled About Recent Crimes

Senators grandstand for voters in “oversight” charade that leaves the FBI unrestrained--a rogue agency that operates above the law…--in review of NY bomber and Orlando nightclub cases, only Rand Paul suggested the FBI is doing too much

--Max Blumenthal’s excellent reports from August about the real Omar Mateen story expose FBI failures and coverups; read the reports here and here

--Senate overwhelmingly overrides Obama’s veto of JASTA in 97-1 vote, with only Sen. Harry Reid supporting Obama

--a bit too late, NY Times editorial leans to Obama’s view of JASTA

--seeking to avert shutdown, House may have a deal to fund Flint water upgrades

--in San Diego, sister of mentally ill black man killed by cops says she called police to help him

--CIA whistleblower Jeffery Sterling has to fight prison officials to get critical treatment for heart disease, reports Kevin Gosztola

--Apple’s FaceTime and iMessage apps are encrypted, but the metadata isn’t, reports The Intercept

--Dutch investigators offer strong evidence that Russia shot down the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine

--as Haiti prepares for long-delayed elections, Aristide resurfaces and the coverage is biased

--this Haitian blog post isn’t perfect, but offers a stark view of the Clintons’ roles in earthquake recovery

--if you can help Roger and Carol Shuler at a critical time, click here to donate

--haiku from Jens in Bornholm, Denmark

--Gary Chew reviews the new film, Deepwater Horizon