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PBC News & Comment: FBI and DHS Bosses Grilled About Recent Crimes

Senators grandstand for voters in “oversight” charade that leaves the FBI unrestrained–a rogue agency that operates above the law…–in review of NY bomber and Orlando nightclub cases, only Rand Paul suggested the FBI is doing too much

–Max Blumenthal’s excellent reports from August about the real Omar Mateen story expose FBI failures and coverups; read the reports here and here

–Senate overwhelmingly overrides Obama’s veto of JASTA in 97-1 vote, with only Sen. Harry Reid supporting Obama

–a bit too late, NY Times editorial leans to Obama’s view of JASTA

–seeking to avert shutdown, House may have a deal to fund Flint water upgrades

–in San Diego, sister of mentally ill black man killed by cops says she called police to help him

–CIA whistleblower Jeffery Sterling has to fight prison officials to get critical treatment for heart disease, reports Kevin Gosztola

–Apple’s FaceTime and iMessage apps are encrypted, but the metadata isn’t, reports The Intercept

–Dutch investigators offer strong evidence that Russia shot down the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine

–as Haiti prepares for long-delayed elections, Aristide resurfaces and the coverage is biased

–this Haitian blog post isn’t perfect, but offers a stark view of the Clintons’ roles in earthquake recovery

–if you can help Roger and Carol Shuler at a critical time, click here to donate

–haiku from Jens in Bornholm, Denmark

–Gary Chew reviews the new film, Deepwater Horizon