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PBC News & Comment: Weaponized PR Deployed in Iraq and Syria

Two new reports expose American propaganda and psychological operations for Iraq and Syria, some outsourced to British firm Bell Pottinger…–Max Blumenthal’s report on The Syria Campaign is here

–the report on British firm Bell Pottinger’s work in Iraq is here

–new Cold War with Russia gets chillier, as US suspends Syria talks and Russia exits nuclear security agreement

–Watch for news of latest Gaza Freedom Flotilla, on course for Gaza

–women of Poland stage huge strike over abortion rights

–in a new confessional interview in New York Magazine, Obama worries about expanded, unaccountable power he has wielded with drones

–at TomDispatch, Andrew Bacevich examines the weak responses by Trump and Clinton about first use of nuclear weapons

–Forbes estimates Trump’s net worth at $3.7 billion, down from $4.5 billion last year

–Trump allies hit back on his almost billion dollar loss, noting that the Clintons deducted $700,000 capital loss in 2015

–law professor Jonathan Turley reacts to immunity deals and side agreements in FBI’s Clinton email investigation

–at The Nation, Greg Grandin asks if Human Rights Watch helped sabotage the peace agreement in Colombia, rejected by voters

–Debate by Veep candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine will be a snoozer—can we get Julia Louis Dreyfuss to crash it?

–in Sacramento, dash cam police video nails cops who tried to run over mentally ill homeless man, then shot him 14 times, killing him