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PBC News & Comment: Weaponized PR Deployed in Iraq and Syria

Two new reports expose American propaganda and psychological operations for Iraq and Syria, some outsourced to British firm Bell Pottinger…--Max Blumenthal’s report on The Syria Campaign is here

--the report on British firm Bell Pottinger’s work in Iraq is here

--new Cold War with Russia gets chillier, as US suspends Syria talks and Russia exits nuclear security agreement

--Watch for news of latest Gaza Freedom Flotilla, on course for Gaza

--women of Poland stage huge strike over abortion rights

--in a new confessional interview in New York Magazine, Obama worries about expanded, unaccountable power he has wielded with drones

--at TomDispatch, Andrew Bacevich examines the weak responses by Trump and Clinton about first use of nuclear weapons

--Forbes estimates Trump’s net worth at $3.7 billion, down from $4.5 billion last year

--Trump allies hit back on his almost billion dollar loss, noting that the Clintons deducted $700,000 capital loss in 2015

--law professor Jonathan Turley reacts to immunity deals and side agreements in FBI’s Clinton email investigation

--at The Nation, Greg Grandin asks if Human Rights Watch helped sabotage the peace agreement in Colombia, rejected by voters

--Debate by Veep candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine will be a snoozer—can we get Julia Louis Dreyfuss to crash it?

--in Sacramento, dash cam police video nails cops who tried to run over mentally ill homeless man, then shot him 14 times, killing him