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PBC News & Comment: Yahoo Gave NSA Access to All Email Traffic

Reuters reports that Yahoo secretly complied with government order to scan the emails of millions of innocent Americans and others….

–PBC calls for Obama to fire top spooks Clapper and Rogers, or he should resign, himself, for allowing police state tactics

–in 2015, Yahoo’s security chief quit in protest of CEO Mayer’s secret agreement that scanned all email traffic for key words—a backdoor

–other major online operators say they did not submit to such an order

–Yahoo’s non-denial: report is misleading, scanning reported “does not exist on our systems”

–Trevor Timm comments in The Guardian

–FBI has arrested NSA contractor who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton (as did Snowden) for taking NSA hacking software

–in bizarre resolution, Pentagon whistleblower who exposed Panetta’s leaks of classified info to Zero Dark Thirty writer will get cash settlement and awards after he repudiates the charges

–in excellent analysis, Gareth Porter explains how the Pentagon defied Obama and killed the cease-fire in Syria

–it’s hardly secret, as US and Iraq gear up to retake Mosul and plan for humanitarian crisis as winter approaches

–Veep debate wasn’t the predicted snoozer, but it didn’t change many voter choices

–Libertarian veep nominee Bill Weld concedes early, says he will focus on defeating Trump

–DEA orders reduction in production of highly addictive opioid drugs

–new UN chief is expected to be named tomorrow, former Portugese prime minister Antonio Guterres

–Polish protest is successful, as leaders abandon plan for total ban on abortion