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PBC News & Comment: A Debate Only Jerry Springer Could Be Proud Of

Fright Night arrives early in St. Louis, as Clinton and Trump trade spitballs about sexual abuse, avoiding most important issues…--two unpopular candidates tried to drive up their opponent’s negatives

--Trump demands GOP co-chair of debate commission resign, after backstage confrontation over seating for “Bill’s victims”

--Speaker Ryan employs verbal jujitsu: won’t defend Trump, but won’t withdraw his endorsement

--Trump’s “grab their pussy” video diverts attention from WIkiLeaks disclosure of Clinton emails with Wall Street speech quotes and her pro-fracking position

--Clinton camp dismisses it all, blaming Russia in clever deception

--Glenn Greenwald slams Obama for evidence-free claim of Russian hacking, and exposes Clinton campaign’s cozy media connections

--our pal Peter van Buren, bounced from the Clinton State Dept., says a government is seizing control of our election, and it’s not the Russians

--here's an excerpt from our fresh in-depth interview with Chuck Collins on wealth and income inequality

--NY Times goes deep on the impact of American torture on former prisoners

--John Oliver devoted his long segment to closing Guantanamo