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PBC News & Comment: US Now Officially Accuses Russia of Hacking DNC

No new evidence is cited, as chief spook and proven perjurer James Clapper asserts that only “senior Russians” are responsible….

–Yahoo’s back door for the NSA was “sloppily installed”, allowing access to Yahoo emails by other hackers

–jailed for more than a month, NSA insider suspect may be a “hoarder” and not a leaker

–in Syria, UN diplomat offers to personally escort IS fighters out of Aleppo to limit further bombing

–so far Florida has escaped major damage from hurricane Matthew after it killed hundreds in Haiti

–in New York, arrogant Cardinal Tim Dolan names fixer Kenneth Feinberg to manage settlements with sex abuse victims, critics say it limits disclosures

–second presidential debate is Sunday in St. Louis

–in brilliant op-ed, Thomas Frank notes that Clinton is tilling the same soil as Obama, who promised much and achieved little

–Dems are running scared, have launched ad attacking Gary Johnson, the fumbling Libertarian candidate

–in lengthy expose, The Daily Beast explains how Clinton went to bat for Chevron, and undermined democracy movement in Myanmar, Chevron donated to Clinton Foundation

–inspired by Dakota pipeline protests, musicians and other activists in Texas protest Trans Pecos Pipeline, owned by the same company

–some great reporting at The Intercept, like this lengthy investigative report on deep corruption in Chicago Police Dept.

–human rights groups challenge Obama on specific cases of civilians killed by drone strikes

–new aerial survey of “great Pacific garbage patch” shows it’s grown even bigger