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PBC News & Comment: US Now Officially Accuses Russia of Hacking DNC

No new evidence is cited, as chief spook and proven perjurer James Clapper asserts that only “senior Russians” are responsible….

--Yahoo’s back door for the NSA was “sloppily installed”, allowing access to Yahoo emails by other hackers

--jailed for more than a month, NSA insider suspect may be a “hoarder” and not a leaker

--in Syria, UN diplomat offers to personally escort IS fighters out of Aleppo to limit further bombing

--so far Florida has escaped major damage from hurricane Matthew after it killed hundreds in Haiti

--in New York, arrogant Cardinal Tim Dolan names fixer Kenneth Feinberg to manage settlements with sex abuse victims, critics say it limits disclosures

--second presidential debate is Sunday in St. Louis

--in brilliant op-ed, Thomas Frank notes that Clinton is tilling the same soil as Obama, who promised much and achieved little

--Dems are running scared, have launched ad attacking Gary Johnson, the fumbling Libertarian candidate

--in lengthy expose, The Daily Beast explains how Clinton went to bat for Chevron, and undermined democracy movement in Myanmar, Chevron donated to Clinton Foundation

--inspired by Dakota pipeline protests, musicians and other activists in Texas protest Trans Pecos Pipeline, owned by the same company

--some great reporting at The Intercept, like this lengthy investigative report on deep corruption in Chicago Police Dept.

--human rights groups challenge Obama on specific cases of civilians killed by drone strikes

--new aerial survey of “great Pacific garbage patch” shows it’s grown even bigger