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PBC News & Comment: Eyeing Clinton Victory, Corporate Media Downplay or Ignore Leaked Emails

As Trump sinks in polls, mainstream media goes easy on Clinton, despite very serious issues raised by newly leaked emails….–quick survey shows that Washington Post has zero coverage, LA Times has one minor story, and NY Times buries its insignificant coverage; even Fox News seems to be treading lightly

–but from the very same cache of emails, The Intercept finds much more serious matters to expose:

–Glenn Greenwald details how Center for American Progress panders to Israel on Clinton’s behalf, with overt censorship of its bloggers’ coverage of Israel

–there’s more to the NY Times DeBlasio story–CAP president Neera Tanden pooh poohed $15 minimum wage, days after national fast food workers protest

–Greenwald also rejects the Rovian ploy to dismiss ALL emails by claiming that Russia leaked them and some are doctored

–a great example of HRC’s differing public/private positions is her view on taxing offshore corporate profits

–in Sunday’s debate, Clinton renewed support for a no-fly zone, while promising no American troops in Syria, but she had a different angle for Goldman Sachs

–movie mogul and major donor Harvey Weinstein urged the Clinton camp to silence Sanders on Black Lives Matter by using the “Sandy Hook issue” and gun laws

–David Sirota notes that Clinton makes noises in the US about limiting fracking, while promoting it overseas