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PBC News & Comment: Eyeing Clinton Victory, Corporate Media Downplay or Ignore Leaked Emails

As Trump sinks in polls, mainstream media goes easy on Clinton, despite very serious issues raised by newly leaked emails….--quick survey shows that Washington Post has zero coverage, LA Times has one minor story, and NY Times buries its insignificant coverage; even Fox News seems to be treading lightly

--but from the very same cache of emails, The Intercept finds much more serious matters to expose:

--Glenn Greenwald details how Center for American Progress panders to Israel on Clinton’s behalf, with overt censorship of its bloggers’ coverage of Israel

--there’s more to the NY Times DeBlasio story--CAP president Neera Tanden pooh poohed $15 minimum wage, days after national fast food workers protest

--Greenwald also rejects the Rovian ploy to dismiss ALL emails by claiming that Russia leaked them and some are doctored

--a great example of HRC’s differing public/private positions is her view on taxing offshore corporate profits

--in Sunday’s debate, Clinton renewed support for a no-fly zone, while promising no American troops in Syria, but she had a different angle for Goldman Sachs

--movie mogul and major donor Harvey Weinstein urged the Clinton camp to silence Sanders on Black Lives Matter by using the “Sandy Hook issue” and gun laws

--David Sirota notes that Clinton makes noises in the US about limiting fracking, while promoting it overseas