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PBC News & Comment: Activists Shut Down Tar Sands Pipelines As Protests Spread Across Texas

Dakota pipeline protests met with surveillance, militarized response as activists shut down tar sands pipelines and Texas pipeline protests expand…–read about the pipeline shutdowns here and here

–at Vice, Jason Leopold reports on Inspector General investigations showing that surveillance contractors watch porn and do sex chats with minors

–former FBI agents criticize FBI for outsourcing handling of classified materials to contractor

–FBI is investigating suspicious crash of small plane in Connecticut

–in recent editorial, NY Times notes that the presidential campaigns aren’t talking about surveillance, and debate moderators don’t bring it up

–leaked emails show Clinton sucked up to banksters in paid speeches, and explained Dodd-Frank as just politics

Shadowproof focuses on Podesta emails that show Dem party leaders conspiring to damage Sanders

–Wells Fargo, the safe target for political opportunists, knew about the creation of fake account to meet sales quotas in 2005

–Trump sent Peter B. another letter

–Pentagon seems unprepared for threats from tiny Daesh drones

NY Times continues excellent series profiling the PTSD of innocent men who were subjected to torture in US custody

–in California, violent crime has dropped, but deaths of suspects and convicts in jail have jumped in last 10 years

–California Scholars for Academic Freedom slam UC Berkeley for caving to pressure from Jewish groups to cancel course on Palestine