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PBC News & Comment: Presidential Campaign Descends into Sleaze, Disinformation

As Trump bats away multiple groping allegations, court sets December hearing on charges he raped minor linked to Jeffrey Epstein….–coverage by The Guardian is here

–Ken Silverstein’s report from January 2016 is here

–Nick Bryant’s original report is here

–as Trump’s poll numbers slip, he repeats concerns about the wrong kind of election manipulation

–Greg Palast’s new movie exposes the Interstate Crosscheck List, which will block many legitimate voters on election day

NY Times amplifies the evidence-free claim that Russia is feeding WikiLeaks, and hypocritically slamming WikiLeaks

–more Clinton and Podesta emails surface, with private admission that Saudis are funding IS, and showing Podesta’s brother advises Saudis

–Podesta-Tanden emails show how much Clinton resisted admitting her mistake with email server

–Clinton, who served on Walmart’s board, asked advice from company lobbyist when labor activists demanded raises for workers

–campaign advisers set the stage for Clinton to support TPP if elected

NY Times offers sequenced graphics and videos that depict the moments leading to the police shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte, NC

–Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf is thrown under the wagon, retires

–Justice Department review of San Francisco Police Dept urges major changes

–Bob Dylan awarded Nobel prize for literature