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PBC California Special: Voters Face 17 Propositions

In this special podcast, longtime California political junkie Peter B. Collins reviews all 17 statewide initiatives facing voters November 8…..Your humble host doesn’t tell you how to vote, but will review the pro’s and con’s of the 17 initiatives on the November, 2016 statewide ballot, and share his intentions.

For ease of use, the list below shows the start time of comments on each initiative. There are two sets of “dueling ballot measures” related to the death penalty and single-use plastic bags, and we cover those at the start of the program, followed by the remaining issues in numerical order.

Time               Prop. #           subject                                                PBC vote


3:08                62/66             death penalty repeal/speed up      yes/no

6:55                65/67             paper bag fees/plastic bag ban      no/yes

10:35              51                   $9 bil school construction bonds     no

12:27              52                   hospital fee, Medical                         no

15:00              53                   voter approval for big projects        no

16:36              54                   72-hour review of bills in Leg.         yes

18:41              55                   extend income tax on $250k+         yes

21:12              56                   $2 per pack increase tobacco tax    yes

24:00              57                   restores parole to nonviolent          yes

25:41              58                   restores bilingual education             yes

27:00              59                   advisory, reverse Citizens United      yes

28:55              60                   require condoms on porn sets        no

31:02              61                   pegs state Rx prices to VA’s             yes

33:38              63                   background check to buy ammo     yes

35:35              64                   legalize adult use of marijuana       yes