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PBC News & Comment: On-Scene Report from North Dakota as Amy Goodman Surrenders

Col. Ann Wright gives live update as Amy Goodman surrenders to face bogus charges of “riot” covering Standing Rock protests…–in apparent effort to intimidate media and reduce coverage of protests of Dakota pipeline, Goodman and documentarian Deia Schlosberg are being targeted with ridiculous charges

–Joan Baez visited the Standing Rock protest, and filed this report

–ACLU exposes Geofeedia, which allows law enforcement to snoop on social media posts of activists, leading Facebook and Twitter to cut their feeds

–Clinton’s speeches to Goldman Sachs are released via Podesta email hack, initial review shows they’re embarrassing, but not criminal

–Michele Obama’s reaction to Trump’s groping gets major traction

–corporate media is clearly favoring Clinton over Trump, and CNN boss admits they gave Trump too much free airtime

NY Times Media writer challenges Trump’s claims, while admitting unequal coverage

–Trevor Timm notes disparity in treatment of Trump, Clinton leaks

–Trump and allies keep talking about voter fraud, as Greg Palast shows the real issue is voter suppression aimed at Dem voters

–Clinton has more campaign cash than Trump, twice as much

–Trump, who has sniffed his way through 2 debates, wants Clinton to take a drug test

–Lame Duck Mission Creep Alert: Obama’s military is active in Yemen, Somalia and Iraq, where assault on Mosul is starting

–author of Guantanamo Diary is freed after 14 years in US custody