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PBC News & Comment: On-Scene Report from North Dakota as Amy Goodman Surrenders

Col. Ann Wright gives live update as Amy Goodman surrenders to face bogus charges of “riot” covering Standing Rock protests…--in apparent effort to intimidate media and reduce coverage of protests of Dakota pipeline, Goodman and documentarian Deia Schlosberg are being targeted with ridiculous charges

--Joan Baez visited the Standing Rock protest, and filed this report

--ACLU exposes Geofeedia, which allows law enforcement to snoop on social media posts of activists, leading Facebook and Twitter to cut their feeds

--Clinton’s speeches to Goldman Sachs are released via Podesta email hack, initial review shows they’re embarrassing, but not criminal

--Michele Obama’s reaction to Trump’s groping gets major traction

--corporate media is clearly favoring Clinton over Trump, and CNN boss admits they gave Trump too much free airtime

--NY Times Media writer challenges Trump’s claims, while admitting unequal coverage

--Trevor Timm notes disparity in treatment of Trump, Clinton leaks

--Trump and allies keep talking about voter fraud, as Greg Palast shows the real issue is voter suppression aimed at Dem voters

--Clinton has more campaign cash than Trump, twice as much

--Trump, who has sniffed his way through 2 debates, wants Clinton to take a drug test

--Lame Duck Mission Creep Alert: Obama’s military is active in Yemen, Somalia and Iraq, where assault on Mosul is starting

--author of Guantanamo Diary is freed after 14 years in US custody