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PBC News & Comment: The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!

Assange ally denies Russia was source of DNC, Podesta hacks, but American media goes full-tilt with Clinton smokescreen, Putin scaremongering…--latest Podesta emails show Brent Budowsky in December 2015 arguing, “best approach is to slaughter Donald for his bromance with Putin”

--Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe, now Virginia’s governor, steered almost $700,000 to campaign of the wife of top FBI official

--NY Times media commentator Jim Rutenberg embraces the “blame-Russia” meme hook, line and sinker

--former British ambassador Craig Murray visited Assange on Sunday and says “with 100% certainty” that Russia is not involved

--National Review breaks from the corporate media pack, and challenges Clinton’s debate claim that 17 intelligence agencies confirmed Russia as source

--at Project Censored’s 40th anniversary conference, NYU Prof. Mark Crispin Miller commented on the Russia scare, as did Prof. Lance deHaven Smith, author of “Conspiracy Theory in America”

--in North Dakota, pipeline protests lead to 126 arrests as cops shoot down drone they say threatened their chopper

--Friday’s cyberattacks used an array of unsecured bots connected to the web

--A T & T bids $85 billion for Time Warner, drawing many critics

--Venezuela plunges into deep chaos, as court blocks recall attempt

--Center for Constitutional Rights wins court victory in torture case, with clear statement that even the president can’t declare torture to be legal

--nearly 10,000 California National Guard soldiers are ordered to repay large signing bonuses used to induce them to fight in Iraq

--author and antiwar radical Tom Hayden, who later served 17 years in California legislature, dies at age 76; look for a special podcast on Hayden here soon