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In-Depth Interview: Craig Atkinson Talks About His Important Film, “Do Not Resist”

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Do Not Resist is an important new documentary that reveals the militarization of local police, and the impacts of “for-profit” policing.
Craig Atkinson makes his mark in his debut as a director in Do Not Resist, which begins with scenes from the militarized response to the protests in Ferguson, Missouri; shows SWAT teams using maximum force and military gear to raid the home of a minor pot dealer; and highlights the development of surveillance tools and big data for “predictive policing”, the frightening offspring of the “war on terror”.

Atkinson demonstrates deep knowledge of his subject in the film and this interview, and argues that the incentive to seize assets of alleged criminals fuels the dangerous trend of “for-profit policing”.  He details the transfer of military hardware to local law enforcement: $34 billion from Homeland Security and another $5 billion from the Pentagon.  He comments on the recently-exposed aerial surveillance of Baltimore (funded by a Texas billionaire) and the use of Stingray and related surveillance tools.

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