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In-Depth Interview: Former NSA Official Bill Binney Challenges Claims that Russia Hacked DNC

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Bill Binney, former NSA technical officer, is highly skeptical of unproven claims that Russia is responsible for hacks to DNC and Podesta emails.Binney last talk with us in August, when he challenged the “Shadow Brokers” reports, indicating that Russia had hacked the NSA using NSA hacking tools, some of which were left behind.

In this conversation, we cover the recent claims by Hillary Clinton and her campaign that Russia hacked the DNC and the Podesta emails, and the candidate’s assertion in the third debate that “17 intelligence agencies” confirmed it.

Binney says that if, in fact Russia did this, that the NSA has systems that can trace the packets of info as they left the DNC, and follow their routes all the way to the “Inbox” at WikiLeaks.  Without such evidence, he regards the claims as “nonsense”.

The article referred to in Vice Motherboard is here.