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PBC News & Comment: Obamacare Flaws, Rate Hikes Deal GOP and Opportunity

Obamacare flaws, highlighted by big rate increases and fleeing insurers, deal political opening for Republicans, but Trump promotes his hotels…–most Americans get their health insurance from their employers, and that market has been pretty stable in last 5 years

Public Citizen shows that, overall, health insurance giants are very profitable

–in The Guardian, Celine Gounder says it’s “time to be bold” in fixing health care system

–Podesta email leaks show damage control effort after Obama talked about Clinton’s email system, “we need to clean this up”

–Clinton’s plan for no-fly zone in Syria leaves top spook James Clapper concerned that Russia would shoot down American planes

–in historic step, US abstains from Security Council vote condemning US embargo of Cuba

–Pentagon halts efforts to collect bonuses from Iraq war vets, as we learn that Congress refused to fix the problem

–secret electronic surveillance in Beltway region has increased 500%, reports Washington Post

–at Standing Rock, details emerge of excessive force used on protesters in weekend confrontation and arrests

–US telegraphs its plans to use rebels in Syria for new assault on IS in Raqqa

Shadowproof offers excellent roundup on the war in Syria

–Vatican opens its archives on Argentina’s “dirty war”

–Vatican issues new orders on cremation, just in time for Halloween