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PBC News & Comment: FBI Reopens Clinton Email Investigation

In cryptic note to House investigators, James Comey says new evidence has surfaced in “unrelated investigation”, a surprise, in October…..–details are sketchy, but polls are tightening as ClintonCo’s “blame Russia” dodge is weakening, and Trump is now praising FBI and Justice Dept.

–at The Intercept, Zaid Jilani challenges Clinton: if emails are forged, why don’t you prove it?

PBS NewsHour did a story on leaked email and memo about the millions arranged for Bill Clinton, ending with campaign’s denial, then promoted an important story that’s relegated to their website, “Putin Rejects Claims of Russian Interference…”

–National Law Journal, staid and studiously nonpartisan, breaks report of allegations that Justice Clarence Thomas groped law student in 1999

–in Madison, 6 women have accused a male senior of rape and sexual abuse, and at Penn, there is new investigate related to Nate Parker rape charges

–at Guantanamo, review panel denies release to Abu Zubaydeh, who is expected to be held forever without being charged or tried

–PBC’s tribute to Tom Hayden, An American Revolutionary, is released today

–at Standing Rock, police arrested over 100 protesters and push them from land owned by pipeline company; MintPress News is offering great coverage of Standing Rock protests

–at Desmogblog, Steve Horn reports that law intended for disaster response is being used to import cops from outside North Dakota

–in Portland, jury delivers stunning verdict, acquitting Bundy brothers and pals of all charges in standoff at Malheur Refuge last January

–at FCC, surprise as Chairman Tom Wheeler imposes rules to limit internet carriers from collecting the data that Google and Facebook collect

–in New Jersey, final arguments are presented in Bridgegate trial