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PBC News & Comment: Doug Band Memo Exposes Clinton Foundation

Leaked Doug Band memo shows how foundation peddled influence, scored big payments to Bill and spawned infighting after Chelsea joined…..--triangle of Foundation, Teneo and “Bill Clinton, Inc” was built on greed and mutual back-scratching, as Washington Post reports

--Wall Street whistleblower Nomi Prins looks at Hillary Clinton’s record, and predicts protection for banksters under a new Clinton administration

--at The Intercept, Alice Speri sums up the array of GOP voter suppression tactics in play, many aren’t visible

----in Ohio, court ends major voter suppression scheme, maybe too late for some voters

--Dr. Margaret Flowers tries to join Senate debate in Maryland but was ejected; watch it here

--as California voters are expected to legalize weed, big Pharma dumps $109 million into deceptive ads to stop initiative to limit prescription drug prices

--researchers who tracked the rise of AIDS say virus hit US years before it was identified, and debunk story of flight attendant dubbed “Patient Zero”

--at Standing Rock, goons who used dogs on protesters face charges

--Trump has invested at least $500,000 in pipeline builder, and got $100,000 contribution from Kelcy Warren

--for info on joining the protests, click here

--also at The Intercept, 1990’s whistleblower Patrick Eddington defines 20-year pattern of ignoring and punishing whistleblowers

--Twitter, which has had a major impact on the campaigns, is cutting 350 jobs