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PBC News & Comment: Huma’s Hubby + Hillary’s Hubris = President Trump?

FBI Director’s letter to Congress was sneaky, slimy, but not a first; Comey runs rogue agency that’s above the law…..Program Note:  Due to my mother's death, I will be away for a week.  Next podcast on November 9.  Be sure to vote!

--when Comey refused to indict Clinton in July, he was called courageous and non-partisan by Dems who now demand Comey’s scalp

--corporate media moves quickly to minimize the story, inject more confusion, and tell Clinton voters to ignore the noise

--blogger Tyler Durden asks if Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered with FBI investigations into Clinton Foundation, and the Carlos Danger laptop

--Spencer Ackerman reports that a formal complaint has been filed with Office of Special Counsel, demanding Hatch Act investigation of Comey

--will Huma Abedin be thrown under the bus?

--almost all the information we have is based on anonymous leaks

--at The Guardian, Trevor Timm gives a partial list of Comey’s sordid record