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PBC News & Comment: Huma’s Hubby + Hillary’s Hubris = President Trump?

FBI Director’s letter to Congress was sneaky, slimy, but not a first; Comey runs rogue agency that’s above the law…..Program Note:  Due to my mother’s death, I will be away for a week.  Next podcast on November 9.  Be sure to vote!

–when Comey refused to indict Clinton in July, he was called courageous and non-partisan by Dems who now demand Comey’s scalp

–corporate media moves quickly to minimize the story, inject more confusion, and tell Clinton voters to ignore the noise

–blogger Tyler Durden asks if Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered with FBI investigations into Clinton Foundation, and the Carlos Danger laptop

–Spencer Ackerman reports that a formal complaint has been filed with Office of Special Counsel, demanding Hatch Act investigation of Comey

–will Huma Abedin be thrown under the bus?

–almost all the information we have is based on anonymous leaks

–at The Guardian, Trevor Timm gives a partial list of Comey’s sordid record