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PBC News & Comment: Clinton Dynasty Dispatched by SuperTurd

Clinton and establishment Democrats risked America’s future by running a candidate with obvious liabilities, in risky bet on “not Trump”….--unlike Trump, your humble host takes no pleasure in sounding the alarm about this looming disaster foisted on us by Dems in Denial

--this Kardashian revolution was enabled by the media that created Trump with “The Apprentice” and tons of free TV time, and then spun shamelessly for Clinton

--Trump goes classy in victory speech, Clinton and Obama follow suit

--corporate media analysts blame economy, trust and weak message, and fail to note the carefully orchestrated GOP voter suppression schemes

--in Ohio, I witnessed voters who waited 3 hours to cast a ballot

--pollsters blew it bigtime, overlooking closeted Trump voters and the suppression tactics

--Trump’s policy-free campaign leaves us all guessing about what he will actually do

--with Chris Christie heading transition team, bullies, lobbyists and “wrecking crew” will find jobs in the new administration

--Thomas Frank wrote a book called “Wrecking Crew” and he has a brilliant analysis of the Clinton loss

--Ben Tarnoff offers some good takes on the “historic” Trump victory and defines “Trumpism”

--Democrats tanked in effort to retake the Senate, and the House remains in GOP control

--to ease our pain, California, Nevada and Massachusetts legalize recreational cannabis, and medical marijuana is OK’d in Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas

--voters near Phoenix eject Neanderthal sheriff Joe Arpaio

--Obama says he is closely monitoring Standing Rock protest, and Corps of Engineers is exploring alternate routes

--in unusual paid political ad, “Republican Women’s Club” slams militarized response at Standing Rock