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PBC News & Comment: Clinton Dynasty Dispatched by SuperTurd

Clinton and establishment Democrats risked America’s future by running a candidate with obvious liabilities, in risky bet on “not Trump”….–unlike Trump, your humble host takes no pleasure in sounding the alarm about this looming disaster foisted on us by Dems in Denial

–this Kardashian revolution was enabled by the media that created Trump with “The Apprentice” and tons of free TV time, and then spun shamelessly for Clinton

–Trump goes classy in victory speech, Clinton and Obama follow suit

–corporate media analysts blame economy, trust and weak message, and fail to note the carefully orchestrated GOP voter suppression schemes

–in Ohio, I witnessed voters who waited 3 hours to cast a ballot

–pollsters blew it bigtime, overlooking closeted Trump voters and the suppression tactics

–Trump’s policy-free campaign leaves us all guessing about what he will actually do

–with Chris Christie heading transition team, bullies, lobbyists and “wrecking crew” will find jobs in the new administration

–Thomas Frank wrote a book called “Wrecking Crew” and he has a brilliant analysis of the Clinton loss

–Ben Tarnoff offers some good takes on the “historic” Trump victory and defines “Trumpism”

–Democrats tanked in effort to retake the Senate, and the House remains in GOP control

–to ease our pain, California, Nevada and Massachusetts legalize recreational cannabis, and medical marijuana is OK’d in Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas

–voters near Phoenix eject Neanderthal sheriff Joe Arpaio

–Obama says he is closely monitoring Standing Rock protest, and Corps of Engineers is exploring alternate routes

–in unusual paid political ad, “Republican Women’s Club” slams militarized response at Standing Rock