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PBC News & Comment: 9 Ways That Obama Set the Stage for Trump’s Election

While Clinton, her team and party leaders deserve most of the blame, President Obama’s failures set the stage for Trumpism….Here are the 9 ways, in bullet points

  • Day one promise to close Gitmo, without counting D votes (just like Clinton’s lifting ban on gays in military)
  • obstruction of prosecutions for torture, war crimes
  • obstruction of prosecutions for Wall Street crimes
  • broken promise to renegotiate NAFTA
  • secret negotiation of TPP + Hillary’s credibility when she opposed it
  • taking HRC’s advice to intervene in Libya (Benghazi, emails)
  • allowing Clintons to violate pledge about Foundation
  • he didn’t lambaste GOP for obstruction on SCOTUS, Zika
  • he allowed Michigan and Wisconsin to bash unions with no cost

–in NY Times, Charlie Savage details the risks Obama has left to Trump by expanding presidential power

–Hillary Blames FBI Director Comey for sinking her chances in final weeks

–Trump says he “doesn’t want to hurt Bill and Hillary” but doesn’t rule out more investigations

–top Clinton pollster says fascination with poll-based predictions my have hurt turnout

–Norman Solomon and RootsAction lead the call for Donna Brazile to step down as DNC chair…and Rep. Keith Ellison is a leading choice to replace her

–in odd note to readers, NY Times publisher and editor pledge to return to journalism

–in 60 Minutes interview, Trump is less combative, more responsive to questions, but his policy intentions remain largely undefined

–Trump names Breitbart flamethrower Stephen Bannon his top advisor, and taps RNC chair Reince Priebus as chief of staff

–newest hack grabs user files of another philanderer site, Adult Friend Finder

–Julian Assange sits for interview on Swedish sex crime charges, with Ecuadorean lawyer posing questions written by Swedish prosecutors

–in Israel, radicals in the Knesset push legislation to legalize illegal settlements

–Austin musician Leland Potter and friends release protest song “Grab This Country By The Pussy” by the Rubilators

–Leon Russell, and Okie who made it big as an LA session man and then made a name for himself as honky-tonk singer-songwriter, is dead at 74 Here’s a link to one of my faves, Roll Away the Stone