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PBC News & Comment: DOA: Boxer’s Bill to Abolish Electoral College and Trump’s Term Limits Proposal

Highlighting obvious flaws in our system, Sen. Boxer aims to kill Electoral College, Trump wants Congressional term limits; both are DOA…–despite lots of evidence of disarray, Trump says transition is going “so smoothly”

–Donald’s son-in-law Jared Kushner positions to be key player

–GOP House members disguise discord, keep Paul Ryan as Speaker

–Dems promote Schumer in Senate, Pelosi is determined to remain top Dem in House

–in strong op-ed in NY Times, Naomi Klein dismisses sexism as the cause of Clinton’s loss

–secret back door in some Android and burner phones in US sends all your text messages to China

–mobile phones and other distractions are blamed for 10% jump in traffic deaths

–new study shows that many innocent people plead guilty under pressure, plea bargaining and overcharging are partly to blame

–Bob Dylan is too busy to go to Stockholm to accept his Nobel prize

–Mose Allison, a witty songwriter who mixed jazz and blues, has died at 89; here’s one of my favorite Mose tunes, “Your Mind is On Vacation”

–San Francisco standup comic and political satirist Will Durst looks for a silver lining in the ascension of Trump