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PBC News & Comment: DOA: Boxer’s Bill to Abolish Electoral College and Trump’s Term Limits Proposal

Highlighting obvious flaws in our system, Sen. Boxer aims to kill Electoral College, Trump wants Congressional term limits; both are DOA…--despite lots of evidence of disarray, Trump says transition is going “so smoothly”

--Donald’s son-in-law Jared Kushner positions to be key player

--GOP House members disguise discord, keep Paul Ryan as Speaker

--Dems promote Schumer in Senate, Pelosi is determined to remain top Dem in House

--in strong op-ed in NY Times, Naomi Klein dismisses sexism as the cause of Clinton’s loss

--secret back door in some Android and burner phones in US sends all your text messages to China

--mobile phones and other distractions are blamed for 10% jump in traffic deaths

--new study shows that many innocent people plead guilty under pressure, plea bargaining and overcharging are partly to blame

--Bob Dylan is too busy to go to Stockholm to accept his Nobel prize

--Mose Allison, a witty songwriter who mixed jazz and blues, has died at 89; here's one of my favorite Mose tunes, "Your Mind is On Vacation"

--San Francisco standup comic and political satirist Will Durst looks for a silver lining in the ascension of Trump