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PBC News & Comment: Fidel Dies, Stein Launches Recounts, Trump Tweets More Lies

Miami reactionaries celebrate Castro’s death, Jill Stein starts 3-state recount, leading to contradictory Trump tweets about “millions” of fraudulent votes….

--Castro dies at age 90, producing accolades and denunciations

--Trump threatens new sanctions on Cuba, renegotiation of Obama deal

--Fidel’s funeral will be boycotted by many major leaders

--Jill Stein revealed her recall plans first to Greg Palast

--Clinton team barely supports the recount plans, but is now raising money around them

--on Friday, White House said it stands by the election results

--Trump first slams recount as Green Party scam, then claims that he won the popular vote “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally”

--recount process is underway in Wisconsin, Stein will file in PA and MI

--Washington Post promotes smears of left-leaning media as “routine peddlers of Russian propaganda” by anonymous “experts” exposed by Greenwald

--Washington Post rewrites the facts on torture, as Marc Thiessen declares that torture consultant Jim Mitchell is “an American patriot”

--NY Times has a more balanced report on Mitchell’s trial and new book

--Army Corps of Engineers announces shutdown of Standing Rock protest area, but the “water protectors” are unmoved

--Turkish despot Erdogan threatens to send more refugees to Europe after being denied EU membership

--Syrian forces and Kurdish fighters make important gains near Aleppo

--Obama sets another bad precedent for Trump, using Bush-era law to justify military action against al Shabab

--NY Times does deep investigation of Trump’s international business conflicts, and editorializes about his “Caldron of Conflicts”

--accused Charleston shooter Dylan Roof will represent himself in death penalty case, after being found competent for trial