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PBC News & Comment: Trump Says He Won’t Prosecute Hillary

After trashing media to top TV anchors yesterday, Trump visits NY Times for wide-ranging chats that were live-tweeted…..–the tweets are captured here

–TV anchors were called to Trump Tower for dressing down by an irritated Don

–Trump has avoided a post-election press conference, and goes around media gatekeepers with 2.5 minute video promo

–Dems gasp as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HA) meets with Trump, and Robert Parry sees it as a potentially good move

NY Times report details 52 times Islamic State may have used chemical weapons, and buries the fact that Syrian government has used chemicals even more than IS

–Erdogan’s crackdown in Turkey continues, 15,000 more public workers are purged as amnesty is considered for rape and sex abuse

–Standing Rock protester was severely injured by cops’ bomb, faces possible amputation of her arm

–Rockefeller descendants are attacked by Exxon-Mobil, the descendant of Standard Oil, for funding attacks on Exxon’s climate change skullduggery

–former PBC producer Joshua Emerson Smith reports for San Diego paper; here is his survey of reaction to Trump’s denial of climate change, and reports that Myron Ebell would run EPA

–if Trump pulls US out of Paris accord, it could spark a trade war over carbon tariffs

NY Times deconstructs a false story that was embraced by Trump and many fans

–to combat fake news, NY Times wants a censorship system, but Robert Parry asks, “what about fake news published by NY Times?”