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In-Depth Interview: Dr. Jonathan Simon Comments on Election’s “Red Shift” and the Recounts Underway

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Dr. Jonathan Simon, elections expert and author of Code Red, explains the “Red Shift” that delivered narrow victory margins to Trump, and the recounts in Wisconisn, Pennsylvania and Michigan.Simon is executive director of the Election Defense Alliance and is a founder of  You can find his analysis and commentary on the Red Shift, his book Code Red, and related issues here.

Simon is a veteran of the 2004 post-election forensics that showed that John Kerry won Ohio, and the presidency.  He offers a wide range of comments on the 2016 cycle, including the “red shift”‘ that favored Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries.

He discusses the validity of exit poll data, and how discrepancies between exit polls and the official results lead US officials to demand do-overs when they surface in elections in other countries; in the US, this evidence is not properly presented by the corporate media or even cited by the losers–in this case, Democrats–in order to expose election fraud and pursue remedies.

Simon also thumbnails the challenges in the states conducting recounts at the behest of Green Party candidate Jill Stein.  While he doesn’t believe the recounts will change the outcome, he supports the efforts to bring attention to our flawed electoral process.