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PBC News & Comment: New Court Rule Enables Massive FBI Hacking

Federal rule change effective today, approved by Supreme Court, lets FBI hack and search computers without geographical restrictions….–details on new rule are here

–Trump launches victory tour with stops in Indiana and Ohio as Clinton’s lead in popular vote passes 2.5 million

–in unusual tweet, Government Ethics office praises Trump for planning to divest his business holdings….but he hasn’t said he will

–former Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano, now chancellor of University of California, defines UC’s “sanctuary” policies for the undocumented

–in first BBC interview of CIA director, John Brennan tells Trump it would be “height of folly” to breach Iran agreement and objects to new torture plans

–in annual address, Putin doesn’t name Trump, but signals the bromance will only continue if US respects Russia as an equal; Putin issues new “doctrine”

–Haitian voters elect Clinton-backed “Banana Man” Jovenel Moise as president

–French president Holland won’t seek re-election, as conservative Francois Fillon gains momentum for 2017 election

–in Yemen, wily former leader Saleh forms new Houthi government, pissing off John Kerry and Saudis

–in North Carolina, GOP bends the rules to enable partial recount in governor’s race

–Rev. William Barber speaks out in Keith Scott case

–Planned Parenthood and ACLU challenge retrograde abortion laws in NC, MO, AK

–Colombian ruling party reaches new peace agreement with FARC

The Intercept features a lengthy Spy vs Spy tale, as man who claimed to be CIA asset was arrested for arms deal with FARC

–chartered plane with Brazilian soccer team aboard apparently crashed in Colombia after running out of fuel

–to replace senator-elect Kamala Harris, Gov. Jerry Brown names Rep. Xavier Beccerra (D-Los Angeles) as state Attorney General